Adhesive/Biomimetic Dentistry: A More Modern & Gentle Approach to Dentistry

Dr. Zhu is well versed in the most advanced techniques in adhesive dentistry. Traditional dentistry anchored on the concept of mechanical retention. Like carpenters, dentists drilled slots, grooves, and placed pins into the tooth to help restorations stay attached to the tooth. Unfortunately, those retentive technique also caused unnecessary damages the tooth. At Pinecone Dental Care, we don’t entirely disregard the traditional retention-based principles, but we also practice a new paradigm called adhesive dentistry, or as it is often called, biomimetic dentistry. Adhesive Dentistry uses the best biocompatible material and the most modern techniques to ensure that we maximize the adhesion of our restorations to the tooth without the grooves and pins. These restorations sit almost flatly over the tooth instead of gripping onto the teeth and minimize the amount of collateral damages. They also require less drilling on the teeth, which increases the lifespan of the teeth.

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