Custom Night Guards for Bruxism

A custom-made dental night guard.

Solutions for Teeth Grinding in Portland, OR

A custom night guard is a dental prosthesis made to manage the effects of bruxism. Bruxism an extreme version of what is commonly referred to as tooth grinding. Although the true incidence of bruxism is estimated to be fairly low (between 8%~31% of the general population) many people will undergo periodic episodes of night time clenching and grinding associated with stress. Bruxism and even mild occasional tooth grinding can cause significant premature wear, cracks, and other mechanical damage to your teeth.

At Pinecone Dental Care, we view a custom night guard to have good risk-reward profile, as the diagnosis of bruxism requires a sleep study that can cost many times the cost of a nightguard, and the treatments that reduce the severity of bruxism tend to be medicinal (muscle relaxants, Botox, or even antidepressants) and can have severe side-effects. While it is true that a nightguard only reduce the damages caused by bruxism on your teeth and does not treat the source of it; a nightguard does not harm your teeth or jaw, nor does it have any unwanted systemic effects. At Pinecone Dental Care, we utilize digital scanning and/or accurate impression material to obtain a model of your teeth, and a customize nightguard can then be fitted to your teeth. This will be worn at night time and be worn down instead of your teeth when bruxism. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Zhu to discuss if a nightguard can be an option for you. Call (503) 777-2284.

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