Practice Values

We want every one that walks into Pinecone Dental Care to walk out with the best dental health they can have, and we view each appointment at Pinecone Dental Care with that goal in mind.  Here are the core principles with which we approach our work:


The most important foundation to a dental office is the trust between the dentist and the patient. At Pinecone Dental Care, we will take the time to get to know every patient that comes into the office, whether you’ve been a patient of the office since 30 years ago or just coming in for the first time. You will never be just another patient at Pinecone Dental Care, but be treated as a valued friend.


Dentistry can be intimidating, and some dentists forget that we are not treating teeth, but we are treating people. At Pinecone Dental Care, your comfort is important to us. From supportive neck pillows to warm blankets, we will do everything in our power to make your visit a positive experience.


Dental problems can be confusing, and sometimes it seems like the solution is even more complicated. Information asymmetry always leads to doubt. At Pinecone Dental Care, we will explain all treatment in simple terms so that our patients can make the right decision. Most importantly, we will never pressure patients into unnecessary treatments. Earning your family’s trust is the foundation to our success.


We will also do our best to contact your dental insurance carrier for you and we seek to give accurate cost estimates before any service is rendered. We hate surprise billings too, and we will do our best to eliminate any unwanted surprises.

We Look Forward to Your Visit!

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