Why the Name Pinecone?

Anyone can see the pinecones in the tree. None can see the trees, none can foresee the forest in the pinecone.

Conifer (Cone-bearing) trees first appeared about 300 million years ago. Much of the great forests here in the Pacific Northwest arose hundreds of years ago from humble pinecones. They are also species of impressive longevity, ranking amongst some of the longest-living things in the world. The name Pinecone Dental Care represents both a New Beginning and an Enduring Legacy. The name Pinecone is a memento of the deep relationships Dr. Jeffrey Nicholson has fostered in the past and a symbol of the wonderful relationships that I hope to build into the future.

At Pinecone Dental Care, our practice values are Trust, Comfort, Integrity, and Transparency, and we want every one that walks into Pinecone Dental Care to know that they can expect our team’s best efforts in meeting those values during every appointment. Thank you for choosing Pinecone Dental Care.

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